Corporate Social Responsibility
corporate social responsibility
SCIENTECHNIC continuing the Corporate Social Responsibility& commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society.

A surprise mock drill was conducted by Scientechnic on Thursday on June 13. The exercise was to promote awareness and preparedness among the employees.The mock drill started with heavy smoke followed by a controlled fire break out within the parking lot and subsequent fire alarm alert. Few volunteers supervised the evacuation process and guided the employees towards the safe assembly point. As soon as the mock alert alarm was received by the Civil Defense team, fire fighting and rescue teams, arrived at the site. The fire fighting team demonstrated victim rescue procedures from the spot in case of a fire.The mock drill was organized as a part of the Civil Defense programme to raise the standard of awareness among employees, train them to deal with risks and fire incidents as well improve staff response mechanisms while applying safety procedures.
Awareness is the first step in the battle against diabetes. With this objective, Scientechnic cares  initiated  ‘Diabetes Awareness Campaign’ on 28th of November 2014 to work towards making people alert about the growing diabetes epidemic across the community  raise. The event was attended, not just by the staff but also their spouses and children so the campaign reaches the people it needs to. The aim of the campaign was to show people a way of preventing the condition and also a path to a healthier lifestyle. In keeping with its noble goals several activities were planned, such as: a healthy breakfast of fruits, Cornflakes, Yogurt and Milk was served at hand to start the event and a painting competition, to fire the imagination of the young minds and get them thinking about a healthier lifestyle. The young attendees were also paid a visit by Winnie the pooh. For the adults, stations were set up by Aster medical center, Al Zahra clinic and VLCC, these booths allowed those in attendance to check their blood sugar level, blood pressure level and their BMI (Body Mass Index), consultation on a fitter lifestyle was also provided at the event. A cooking competition was also held to find out the best creativity of cooking healthy and quick breakfast wherein 6 teams along with their family members participated in the competition. To add fitness in the event Zumba class was also organized by a respected Zumba instructor was arguably the most enjoyable event as it combined the pleasurable exercise of dancing with a brisk work out.
Scientechnic Cares in collaboration with Zulekha Hospital, Dubai supported the world-wide Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, ‘Think Pink. The campaign was held on November 3 and Scientechnic staff were encouraged to wear pink. All employees of Scientechnic were encouraged to express their personal support for the fight against breast cancer. The main activity was a Breast Cancer Awareness and total wellness session for SCT ladies by Dr. Suvarna Mestha from Zulekha Hospital. An art competition was held, where six staff artists developed an artwork comprising a set of canvases. Fundraising activities were also held concluding with auctioning of the paintings to gather funds for Scientechnic Cares CSR activities. This event has helped break down taboos and increase awareness about breast health among SCT employees; their families and friends; as well as enhance communication across departments while building team spirit and pride in the organization. The event was also an opportunity for Scientechnic to recognize an 11 year old Aaditya Singh a Dubai based student, who has been actively involved in a number of social and environmental awareness campaigns over the past few years and had a strong intent on working for wider awareness on breast cancer in the UAE. He was awarded the Community Hero Award for the year 2014. This award for a community worker every year has been initiated by Scientechnic to appreciate the general society working on social activities in UAE.
Emphasizing the importance of accepting and embracing individuals with special needs, Scientechnic visited the Al Noor Autism Center and donated funds raised through a charity drive. The aim of the initiative was to extend support and enrich the facilities for the training center. Visiting the Center was a moment of joy and the time spent with the kids was a great experience for the staff who were pleased to have an opportunity to provide support . Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs was established in 1981 with the purpose of providing the best care for children and young adults with special needs. The centre successfully facilitates and enriches the lives of children and young people from different nationalities having various physical and cognitive challenges such as Down syndrome and Autism. Scientechnic cares has been at the forefront of social causes and with the launch of the new CSR Calendar for the year 2013, the organization has once again achieved another milestone in making a significant difference to the lives of many.
The Procurement Team received FEWA delegates who had visited the entity to discuss and understand the way Scientechnic utilizes SAP in the procurement process. Scientechnic procurement team headed by Raju Varghese along with Syed Jalaluddin of Power Projects Division and RK Nair of Building Technology Division explained the procurement process in detail through flow chart presentation and SAP.FEWA is coming up with an advanced online portal which will hugely benefit their vendors in terms of time saving and document submission.  The new portal is expected to go online by the first quarter of 2014. Overall, it was a good interactive session and FEWA team has expressed their appreciation for the Scientechnic team.
Ramadan Charity initiative by the Group Business Excellence and Corporate Communications Department, received support from Scientechnic. Responding to the appeal for used clothes in good condition, ESAG employees collected 10 large bags of clothing. The entire consignment was handed over to officials of the UAE Red Crescent Society, who will in turn disburse the items to needy families. The Ramadan charity drive continues to be a fulfilling experience and the group continues to identify such worthy causes annually, in order to support and make a significant difference to the lives of the less fortunate.
Scientechnic successfully partnered with DUBAL on its energy campaign, mainly focussed on around 4000 employees of DUBAL towards their continuous commitment towards energy saving. The campaign was held from the December 8-12 at DUBAL premises. Scientechnic had made a huge impact with its presence by having the largest stall present during the event. The event was presided by the top officials of DUBAL and key members of the energy council. Scientechnic was also given an opportunity to present its history and the vast range of products and solutions related to energy saving and management to the top officials of DUBAL and the members of the energy council. Scientechnic presented its major brands related to energy saving like SIEMENS, OSRAM, LUTRON etc at the event. The stall consisted of product displays, technical catalogues and raffle draws, which brought the right mix of information and entertainment to the visitors. The five day event was a package of energy awareness through seminars, product demonstrations and energy management solutions to the largest aluminium producer in the region. Scientechnic was also supported by Al Gurg Stationery and Better Life which demonstrated the presence and strength of the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group LLC to over 4000 employees of DUBAL, which reinforces the group’s commitment towards propagating the awareness of energy optimisation and management throughout the region.
In observance of World Environment day on June 05 and as a part of Scientechnic Cares initiative to support and spread awareness, staff were encouraged to support the environment. The management handed over 100 saplings to various divisions to keep at their workstations. The initiative was intended to raise awareness on positive environmental action by saving and planting a tree. All participants took a pledge to go green by signing on the ‘environment’ poster. As part of its Scientechnic Care initiative, the entity has a CSR Calendar for the year with two to three events planned every month which encourages staff to play a leading role in these initiatives
Scientechnic donates Computers & other IT accessories every year to support the Tadweer initiative which will support Dubai government’s strategy to undertake several concerted initiatives to promote sustainable development with a focus on involving private sector organizations. These refurbished laptops / computers will be distributed as per the specifications of Dubai Municipality to welfare schools, educational institutes and as well supporting charity projects.
During the holy month of Ramadan, Scientechnic organized a group Iftar for about 150 workers deployed at their warehouse in Jebel Ali. This initiative is in line with the Scientechnic Cares tagline - Commitment to Social Responsibility. It also emphasised the entity’s keenness to embody the teachings of Islam and the values of human and social compassion during the holy month.
Every year Scientechnic has been an ardent supporter of the “Mid-Day Break” launched by Ministry of Labour. Scientechnic Cares initiated a Cool Water Campaign and also supplied ion-based drinks (Tang / Pocari Sweat). The entity distributed reusable water bottles branded with Scientechnic Cares and made water coolers available across all its locations. The same was promoted at all shop floors and for blue collar staff, to rejuvenate their fluid content in and to maintain optimal body temperatures. This is one of the most prominent preventive measures undertaken by Scientechnic to protect workers from the risks of working under direct sunlight in extreme high temperatures. It is also part of their Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Management System. Educational posters are displayed in the sites and camps to increase awareness on the mid-day break and leaflets have been handed out with tips to handle heat on site.Scientechnic has also placed a water cooler outside its main office with a poster promoting consumption of water. This has been welcomed by the general public and has received appreciations from the neighbouring offices as well. This initiative will continue till mid of September.
As CSR initiative by group business excellence & Corporate communication, Care Bags worth AED 100 with 7 essential items have now been distributed to the 1000 staff within the various labour accommodations. The initiative was in partnership with Unilever who provided the essential items with the bag namely: tea; toothpaste; anti-bacterial soap; shampoo; conditioner; body lotion and deodorant.The Care Bags were filled in through the generous effor ts of volunteers from the Scientechnic Jebel Ali warehouse team. This annual distribution has in a small manner assisted the many blue collar workers within the group as well as the ancillary staff who work with ESAG in a contractual capacity.
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